Our Story

It’s pretty basic:  All Dads.  All Bad - especially when abdicating paternal obligations and heading to band gigs. All have some level of rock-n-roll experience from high school and/or college, but went pro in other disciplines (lawyering/ entrepreneurial endeavoring/ executive search consulting) so to better qualify themselves for 1) mortgages and 2) the fairest of the ladies who would come to be known as the Bad Mommies.

At some point, having closed those deals, and subsequently having the cash for practice spaces, instruments/gear, and reliable transportation (it should be noted that the lack of any or all of these can severely hinder one's musicianship) all began to make time for getting a band together.  Soon thereafter, and realizing that a 40th birthday is an event worth ROCKIN’ over, the band began to work the circuit of backyard birthday parties in South Charlotte.  Those initial gigs evolved into galas, fundraisers, weddings and rehearsal dinners, holiday parties, and now, 15+ years later, 50th birthday parties, too; from Charlotte to Nashville and towns across the Southeast.

The BD’s hook is a musical box of Gumpian chocolates:  You just never know what you might hear next...Led Zeppelin, followed by Pink, followed by Abba, followed by Bob Marley, followed by the Beatles, followed by Black Eyed Peas, followed by Duran Duran, followed by the Grateful Dead, followed by Snoop Dogg, followed by the Police, followed by Prince (we always end with Prince!)….well- you get the picture.  It happens at a BD’s gig.  Like a massive "Shuffle Playlist" performed live with sweet harmonies, tasty licks and tongues in cheek.

 The BDs were influenced by older siblings' LPs and cassette tapes, grew up with MTV and CDs, and now are influenced by our kids iPods, satellite radio, Spotify and Pandora...

We have two objectives when playing a gig...get people dancing and have fun.  Period.

We love what we do...we love playing together and we love being a part of the party! 

The Bad Daddies:
Martin Godwin, father to ‘Tino and Haleybug:  Guitar, vocals, steward of the audible and gold shiny shirt, and very affable.

Andy Ball, father to Sadye, Jeanie and Easy E:  Bass, vocals (upper register) QC manager and still fits in his pants from high school.

Jimmy White , father to Will, Lucy (lil’ TSwift) and Chris:  Guitar (often vintage), vocals, “high-lonesome” harmony, Malum Pater Aeternum

Rick Starling, father to Roberto and Sweet Jane:  Keys, vocals, spoken word/ rap specialist, Resident BD Music Theorist, and Caucasian.

Will Hinson, father to L-Train and the Rowanator:  Drums, delicious backing vocals, Admin of the band Facebook page, and the "Best Drummer in Charlotte, North Carolina!"